Engraved Horns

The horns on this page are not for sale. Click Here to go to my FOR SALE page.

Harnett County, NC Horn:
This horn is made in the overall form of a Harnett County, North Carolina horn, but with contemporary decoration. The applied tip is made of two parts- turned antler and pewter. The base band is delicately turned from pewter as well. The engraving is a synthesis of my signature Satilla River vine work and traditional southern folk art. The focal point in the engraving is a brace of fighting cocks. The base is turned from black walnut. While not readily apparent from the photos, the horn has a nice subtle double-twist.
The judges at the 2012 Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair saw fit to award this horn with a Judge’s Choice ribbon in the engraved horn category.

Satilla River Figural Snake Horn:
This horn is 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches in the butt and 5 inches along the inside curve. The engraving is Satilla River. This horn has been sold.

Two Bears Horn:

Hand carved and engraved. Walnut plug. Facing side has two bears facing over the saying, ” God tolerates pride in none but himself” from the Ancient Greek. Reverse has a family of deer and a ‘possum.

Engraved Fish Mouth Horn:
This form is loosely based on the Tansel family style of powder horns.  The engraving is vine and dot of my own design. The horn has been colored with commercial dyes. This horn is not for sale. Pictures by Jan Riser.

“Run Bear Run” Horn:
This Folk Art horn has a butt and stopper turned from black walnut.  The engraving is vine and dot of my own design; it is based loosely on an earlier form from the Lake George school of engraving. The bears and dogs are in my style and from my own “pattern book.” The butt is held in place with brass tacks. This horn has been sold. Pictures by Jan Riser.