Dickerson Blowing Horn:
This horn was created to honor a retiring friend. The integral mouthpiece follows a tulip shape, both formed with files and scraping with a blade. The theme centers around hunting dogs and vine work. The silver work was done by John Kiselica, a fellow horn guild member and friend.

Fancy Wing Bone Pick:
The pick is fashioned from twisted wire with a lathe-turned horn handle. The sheath is made from a turkey wing bone with a turned horn finial. The assemblage is wrapped with hemp to make it strong. Yes, this pick is a little over the top, but sometimes you just have to have a little fun.

Tender Horn:
This tender horn is also called a fire kit. It is a water resistant container for a flint and striker as well as some char cloth or tender. The engraving designs of dot and vine work and dragonflies are known as Satilla River, which is my personal style. Photo by Jan Riser.