About My Work

Billy Griner's Personal Horn and Pouch

The work done in my shop reflects my Southern Roots.  I make powder horns, hunting horns, and other accoutrements that have defined Southern roots.  The work reflects a workman like manner that is designed for years of hard use.  Some tool marks will be found in almost any example of work that I do.  Tool marks reflect hand work done by a caring craftsman rather than a lack of finishing detail.  I have never seen an original powder horn that did not contain some tool marks.  Not even the works of Jacob Gay and John Bush were devoid of tool marks.  I generally make horns designed to be used by shooters, hunters, and re-enactors who need and deserve a tough product that will stand years of service.

My plugs are made of yellow pine, fruit woods, or nut woods.  Most are turned but some are hand fitted and shaped.  All are hand finished with traditional finishes such as linseed oil and bees wax.  Plugs are sealed into the horns using modern sealants to decrease the likelihood of losing a seal between plug and horn and then nailed or pinned as appropriate for the style of the horn.  Applied tips are done using both two part epoxy and pins to assure strength at the joints to prevent loss of the turned tip.  All horns are hand scraped with draw knife, furniture scraper, or pocket knife.  All finished surfaces are then burnished and given a light once over with steel wool to bring out some life in the surface of the horn.  Just as original horn makers, I do color the surfaces of some of my horns.  The end product is very tough but still visually appealing.   For Scrimshawed horns, all carving is done by hand with rasps, files, knives, or chisels.  Hand shaped and fitted plugs are done using rasps and files.