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About My Engraving (Scrimshaw)

When making an engraved horn, I do not copy the work of original horn makers.  Rather, I have developed my own pattern book.  My engravings are accomplished in a traditional folk art style done by a contemporary hand.  I do use historic elements that would have been found on horns made in the Southern Colonies.  I take the geometrics, organic, wildlife and material culture themes of the 18th Century and present them in my own personal style.  Fanciful vine and floral work, along with animals done in a whimsical style, is the trademark of my work.  Lettering is done in a traditional style that goes well with my other work.

Billy engraving. Picture by Maryellen Pratt.

The patterns are taken from the Low Country of Georgia.  Individual engravings may include trees, vines, ferns, and insects. Animals such as squirrels, deer, or bears are a major component.  All of the design elements were commonly found in Back Country design motifs from the Colonial South.  Elements such as the Tree of Life, tulips, hearts, fylfots, and other compass work designs from the Southern Back Country also appear in the pattern book.  Much of the pattern book was developed while hunting, fishing, or just spending time in the out of doors along the Georgia coast.  I never duplicate an engraved horn.  Each of my engraved horns is one of a kind.  The same design elements may appear on other horns, but the same design is never duplicated.

If you are looking for a contemporary engraved horn with a traditional Southern theme, the horns presented here are one of a kind.

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