About Billy Griner

Billy Griner hanging out at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair.

I grew up in southwest Georgia on a working farm. Most of my free time was spent with my grandfather receiving instruction in several fields of study including agriculture (both cultivation of crops and livestock management), hunting and fishing, and strict obedience.  He was a fine man who taught me many things that I would later relish.  I enjoy life and don’t take myself over seriously.  Life is often defined by a good laugh.  Sometimes the best laugh is at one’s self.

My grandfather’s lessons included the making of hunting horns.  Many people call them fox horns, blowing horns, or calling horns.  The horns he taught me to make were simple carved horns of a type that are still common in Appalachia today.  I also learned such skills as the making of turkey and squirrel calls from him.  He was a great and patient teacher who taught me functionality above all other aspects of craft.

While attending classes at The University of Georgia, I started making Turkey Calls for classmates as a way of supplementing my lunch money.  I also found a number of students who were interested in hunting horns as gifts for family members, and I made a few squirrel calls mostly to augment the meat consumption requirements at my own apartment.  During these formative years, I built my first muzzle loading rifle.  It was a .32 cal East Tennessee Mountain Rifle as was the vogue at that time.  It served me many years.  The first powder horn I ever made was to go with this rifle.  It was all function:  A container for the powder that fueled my rifle.

In the 1980’s I became interested in Historical Re-enactments and began attending events around the Southeast.  I began making powder horns and hunting horns again as a means of supplementing the cost of attending these events.  Over time I found a need to become more period correct in the items that I made to go on my trade blanket.  That led to begin studying original powder horns and accoutrements.  I also began to see how form was just as important as function.

I am a great supporter of the Accoutrements judging done each July at Dixon’s Gunmaker’s Fair in Kempton, PA.  I have won several Judges Choice ribbons including one Best Folk Art (the first time it was awarded) and the Madison Grant Award.

Please note that I do not do custom work or take commissions. Please do see my For Sale page to see what I have for sale.

Back Country and Banded Horns by Billy Griner

Blowing horns awarded the Madison Grant ribbon at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair. Engraved horn by Billy Griner. Banded horn by Jeff Bibb.